Nathan's Impossible List

The High-Five

My Five Current Goals
  1. Earn A Master's Degree in Instructional Design (M.S. IDDE) With High Marks
  2. Develop and Validate a Business Plan in Educational Innovation
  3. Unlock A Healthier Daily Life Cycle With Regular Sleep and Morning/Evening Rituals
  4. Record The 6 Tracks On The "Welcome To Truth Academy" Rap EP
  5. Save Enough Money To Keep Pace with the Annual Roth IRA Contribution Cap
Last Five Completed Goals
  1. Showcase "Shoudo" Board Game at the 'Cuse Market 2017
  2. Attend a 24-Hour Hackathon
  3. Attend a Local Startup Incubator Workshop
  4. Buck The Youtube Habit by Limiting Video Consumption to Weekends
  5. Start a Small Group Dedicated to Providing Off-Campus Students with a Family